Dynamic Aerospace Vehicle Exchange Markup Language (DAVE-ML) Reference

Table of Contents

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Existing standards
DAVE-ML proposal
Supporting technologies
Major Elements
The DAVEfunc major element
Schematic overview of DAVEfunc
The header element
The variable definition element
The breakpoint set definition element
The gridded table definition element
The ungridded table definition element
The function definition element
The checkData element
Statistical information encoding
Uncertainty modeling examples
Additional DAVE-ML conventions
Locus of action of moments
Decomposition of flight dynamic subsystems
Date format in DAVE-ML
Common sign convention notation
Lots more to identify
Planned major elements
Further information
A. Element references and descriptions
address — Street address or other contact information of an author [Deprecated.]
author — Gives name and contact information for originating party of the associated data
bounds — Describes limits or standard deviations of statistical uncertainties
bpRef — Reference to a breakpoint list
bpVals — String of comma-separated values of breakpoints
breakpointDef — Defines breakpoint sets to be used in model
breakpointRefs — Reference to a breakpoint definition
calculation — Used to delimit a MathML v2 calculation
checkData — Gives verification data for encoded model.
checkInputs — Lists input values for check case
checkOutputs — Lists output values for check case
confidenceBound — Defines the confidence in a function
contactInfo — Provides multiple contact information associated with an author or agency
correlatesWith — Identifies other functions or variables whose uncertainty correlates with our random value
correlation — Indicates the linear correlation of this function or variable's randomness with a previously computed random variable
dataPoint — Defines each point of an ungridded table
dataTable — Lists the values of a table of function or uncertainty data
DAVEfunc — Root level element
dependentVarPts — Defines output breakpoint values
dependentVarRef — Identifies the signal to be associated with the output of a function
description — Verbal description of an entity
documentRef — Reference to an external document
extraDocRef — Allows multiple documents to be associated with a single modification event
fileCreationDate — Gives date of creation of entity
fileHeader — States source and purpose of file
fileVersion — Indicates the version of the document
function — Defines a function by combining independent variables, breakpoints, and tables.
functionCreationDate — Date of creation of a function table
functionDefn — Defines a function by associating a table with other information
griddedTable — Definition of a gridded table; associates breakpoint data with table data.
griddedTableDef — Defines an orthogonally-gridded table of data points
griddedTableRef — Reference to a gridded table definition
independentVarPts — Simple definition of independent breakpoints
independentVarRef — References a predefined signal as an input to a function
internalValues — An optional dump of internal model values for debugging checkcases.
isOutput — Flag to identify non-obvious output signals from model
isState — Flag to identify a state variable within a dynamic model
isStateDeriv — Flag to identify a state derivative within a dynamic model
isStdAIAA — Flag to identify standard AIAA simulation variable
modificationRecord — To associate a reference single letter with a modification event
modificationRef — Reference to associated modification information
normalPDF — Defines a normal (Gaussian) probability density function
provenance — Describes origin or history of the associated information
provenanceRef — References a previously defined data provenance description.
reference — Describes an external document
signal — Documents an internal DAVE-ML signal (value, units, etc.)
signalID — Gives the XML-valid, model-unique identifier of a varDef
signalName — Gives the external name of an input or output signal
signalUnits — Gives the unit-of-measure of an input or output variable
signalValue — Gives the value of a checkcase signal/variable
staticShot — Used to check the validity of the model once instantiated by the receiving facility or tool.
tol — Specifies the tolerance of value matching for model verification
uncertainty — Describes statistical uncertainty bounds and any correlations for a parameter or function table.
ungriddedTable — Definition of an ungridded set of function data
ungriddedTableDef — Defines a table of data, each with independent coordinates
ungriddedTableRef — Reference to an ungridded table
uniformPDF — Defines a uniform (constant) probability density function
variableDef — Defines signals used in DAVE-ML model
variableRef — Reference to a variable definition