Dynamic Aerospace Vehicle Exchange Markup Language (DAVE-ML) Reference

Version 1.9b3

Version 1.9b3

$Id: DAVE-ML_ref.xml 248 2007-06-15 19:17:38Z bjax $


This is a draft version of the eventual reference manual for DAVE-ML syntax and markup. DAVE-ML syntax is specified by the DAVEfunc.dtd Document Type Definition file; the version number above refers to the version of the DAVEfunc.dtd.

DAVE-ML is an open standard, being developed by an informal team of members of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Contact the editor above for more information or comments regarding further refinement of DAVE-ML.

The editors would like to acknowledge the contributions, encouragement and helpful suggestions from Jon Berndt (Jacobs Sverdrup), Brent York (Indra), Bill Cleveland (NASA Ames), Geoff Brian (DSTO), J. Dana McMinn (NASA Langley) and Peter Grant (UTIAS).