Dynamic Aerospace Vehicle Exchange Markup Language (DAVE-ML) Reference

Version 1.8b1


This is a draft version of the eventual reference manual for DAVE-ML syntax and markup. DAVE-ML syntax is specified by the DAVEfunc.dtd Document Type Definition file; the version number above refers to the version of the DAVEfunc.dtd.

DAVE-ML is an open standard, being developed by an informal team of members of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Contact the editor above for more information or comments regarding further refinement of DAVE-ML.

  • Renamed <docID> to <refID> so the attribute name is consistent; <docID> is deprecated but remains for compatibility with older documents.

  • Added <correlatesWith> and <correlation> subelements of <uncertainty> element to allow for multiple-dimensioned linear correlation of uncertainty of selected functions and variables.

  • Added a new element, <contactInfo>, to replace the single <address> element. This format supports multiple ways to indicate the means of contacting the author of a document or reference. <address> is deprecated but is retained for backwards compatibility. This element also replaces the email and xns attributes of <author>.

  • Fixed typographical error in <ungriddedTableRef> element: incorrect gtID attributed corrected to utID.

  • Allowed multiple <author> elements wherever one was allowed before.

  • Added a new tag, <isStdAIAA/>, to indicate a variableDef refers to one of the standard AIAA variables.

  • Removed <[un]griddedTable[Ref|Def]> subelements of the <bounds> element since this leads to circular logic.

  • Changed SYSTEM ID to reflect new daveml.nasa.gov domain availability.

  • Removed e-mail URLs to protect privacy of individual contributors.

  • Added a new attribute, interpolate, to the independentVarPts element, to indicate whether the table interpolation should be linear or cubic spline in the given dimension.

  • Added a new tag, <isState/>, to indicate a variableDef refers to a state variable in the model.

  • Added a new tag, <isStateDeriv/>, to indicate a variableDef refers to a state derivative variable in the model.

  • Fixed typos (thanks, Bill)!

  • Added fileVersion element to fileHeader element, so each version of a particular DAVEfunc model can be uniquely identified. Format of the version identifier is undefined.

  • Added an email attribute to the author element. The eXtensible Name Service (xns) standard doesn't appear to be catching on as rapidly as hoped, so a static e-mail link will have to for now.

  • Added a mandatory varID attribute to both independentVarPts and dependentVarPts so these can be associated with an input and output signal name (variableDef), respectively.

  • Added an optional extraDocRef element to the modificationRecord element so more than one document can be associated with each modification event; if only one document needs to be referenced, use of the optional refID in the modificationRecord itself will suffice.