Dynamic Aerospace Vehicle Exchange Markup Language (DAVE-ML) Reference

Version 1.5b2

Revision History
Revision 1.12003-07-15bjax - [email protected]
Initial stab at documentation
Revision 1.22003-08-15bjax - [email protected]
Fixed typos; added fileVersion and extraDocRef elements to fileHeader and modificationRecord, respectively; added email attribute to author element; added mandatory varID to independentVarPts and dependentVarPts.


A short reference to DAVE-ML syntax and markup.

  • Fixed typos (thanks, Bill)!

  • Added fileVersion element to fileHeader element, so each version of a particular DAVEfunc model can be uniquely identified. Format of the version identifier is undefined.

  • Added an email attribute to the author element. The eXtensible Name Service (xns) standard doesn't appear to be catching on as rapidly as hoped, so a static e-mail link will have to for now.

  • Added a mandatory varID attribute to both independentVarPts and dependentVarPts so these can be associated with an input and output signal name (variableDef), respectively.

  • Added an optional extraDocRef element to the modificationRecord element so more than one document can be associated with each modification event; if only one document needs to be referenced, use of the optional refID in the modificationRecord itself will suffice.