Extensions to MathML 2 functions for DAVE-ML applications

Listed on this page are additional functions used frequently in dynamic simulation models that are not defined as part of MathML 2.

Linear Interpolation tables

This capability is provided in DAVE-ML through use of the breakpointDef, griddedTableDef, ungriddedTableDef, and function elements of DAVE-ML.

See the DAVE-ML reference manual for more information about function representations.


This function provides a two-argument arc tangent function, similar to those available in ANSI C and FORTRAN math libraries as well as Microsoft Excel and Mathworks Matlab and Simulink products.

The following definition from the GNU 4.0.1 gcc man page is reproduced for reference:

The atan2 function computes the principal value of the arc tangent of y/x, using the signs of both arguments to determine the quadrant of the return value.

The first argument (y) represents the opposite side of the angle and the second (x) the adjacent, non-hypotenuse side. The resultant represents the angle, in radians, in the range of –π to +π.

Implementation of this function is up to the processing application.


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