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Subject: Units of Measure for use in Math-ML datasets
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 12:14:04 +1100

Hi all,
I noticed in the DAVE-ML reference that the issue of units-of-measure notation is still to be finalised.
I have been looking at this for our flight dynamic / simulation modelling here in DSTO, and have found that a number of the
proposed standards have conflicting information for units of measure, both between standards and within individual standards.
As a result, I have prepared a list of units of measure for use with aircraft modelling here in DSTO (see attached). A difference
I have adopted from general conventions is the use of negative powers to represent divisor units irrespective of whether the
unit of measure is metric or imperial (eg. ft s-1 instead of ft/s). I have found this is simpler when defining something like
ft s-2 instead of ft/s/s or ft/s2.
I thought that this might be useful as a starting point for defining a units-of-measure notation for Dave-ML and welcome any comments.
The references I have used for compiling the list were:
    "Standards for the Exchange of Simulation Modeling Data", Preliminary Draft, 9 June 1997, AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technical Committee.
    "SI Units Dimensional Analysis &, Chapter 8 Figure -- Conversion Tables", McMahonlines, MathTech Reference Series.
hope you are having an enjoyable lead up to the end of the year.
Mr Geoff Brian
Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Performance Engineer.
Air Vehicles Division,
Defence Science and Technology Organisation.

Ph. (03) 9626 7318,
Fax (03) 9626 7085.
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